In memory of

Grandma Angie



Grandma Angie was well known for her soft and gentle nature, her loving honesty and attentive, intimate conversations, her compassion and skills as a listener and nurturer, and desire to help close friends and strangers heal from life’s pains. Her Catholic faith and beliefs in the power of prayer were a constant testament to all who knew her. Many would say that Grandma Angie was the closest thing to a saint on earth. She loved to sew blankets, hats, mitts, or kuspuks for children of the community she lived in over the years. Later in life, she sought professional help for child sexual abuse.

 “If I can heal, so can others!”

Her family is gathering together items such as:

quillow (pillow quilt), potholders, apron, beaded glass ball, child’s kuspuk, Nutrient book, honey, and rosary for the auction basket.