In Memory Of

Marian Antoski Edwin

My children had the privilege and honor to call this wonderful woman, Grandma. She always had a hug and kiss for the children. Her home was opened to anyone for coffee, tea and treats. Many drifters on the Yukon ended up at the Edwins. They never saw color or turned out of towners away. Her home, always open for many. We will proudly carry her in our hearts as we walk for awareness and better days for all the children.

Marian Antoski Edwin was born, 1912 in Kokrines, Alaska. She was raised at Fort Gibbon, which is now the village of Tanana. At the age of 16, she lost both of her parents on the same day, due to influenza. She had to raise her brothers and sisters. She struggled providing for them, but she always managed. She sewed for the military to help make ends meet. When she turned 18, she married Lee Edwin, residing in Rampart. Where she worked at the school. They raised 17 children and losing 5. During the winter they hunted muskrats in Minto and Stevens Village, during the summer they fished at the Rapids, on the Yukon River. They eventually moved to Tanana, where Marian worked as a bilingual teacher at the school. Many children called her Grandma. She sewed and beaded beautiful slippers and mukluks for her children and grandchildren. Her beautiful beadwork can be seen today adorning the Catholic Church. Marian was a devoted Catholic and loved the church. The Catholic sisters Maria and Monique were by her side from day one. They held her up, during some trying times. Always remaining strong in her faith. She made sure her, the children and grandchildren attended church every Sunday. She had a wonderful sense of humor and her laugh was contagious. Her house was always filled with wonderful food cooking. She loved holidays, always decorating her home and enjoyed every birthday and always making children a priority, every birthday the children received a homemade gift, her cards and money. Her love for children was cherished by many. She loved flowers and every summer her home was surrounded by beautiful blooming flowers of many colors. When she passed away, it left a big hole in our hearts and the village.