In Memory Of

Lorraine Honea

Lorraine Honea of Ruby, Alaska was known to many children as Grandma or Auntie. Lorraine and Johnny were hard workers, they lived off the land and lived a subsistence lifestyle. They spent fall, winter and spring camp up the Nowitna River, trapping and summer in fish camp at, Big Eddy. They were well known for making the best salmon strips and dry fish. 

Lorraine was always busy making something. When you walked in her house, she sat at the window working on a project. Many of the children were lucky to be gifted with beautiful beaver mittens, marten hats, knitted socks, afghans, beaded slippers, mukluks and many more treasured handmade gifts, perfectly sewn and beaded. She treated every child like they were special.

She was the head start cook for years and was the best cook. She would bbq beaver meat, roast rabbits, stuff moose heart, fry king salmon that would melt in your mouth, her home was always inviting to anyone. Everyone was welcomed with a cup of coffee, smoked salmon strips, pilot bread or fresh bread. No one was a stranger and they welcomed everyone. 

You never heard a bad word from her, she was always smiling, laughing and kind to everyone. She has inspired many to be a good person, a loving mom and good auntie. She truly was a blessing to many and taught us to always treat people, like you like to be treated and be a good person. She is the Grandmother we all strive to someday become.